An insight in to my thrifty ways. 

So before having my son ( Harry) I would always buy new, would never think of checking reduced sections or using coupons. The thought of walking into charity shops completely embarrassed me! But when pregnant with my son I realised I needed to start saving and budgeting. I started by recording my spending each month literally noting down everything I purchased including a cheeky meal deal here and there. I then looked at where I was spending the most money this was food and not even food I needed, it was them sneaky naughty food supermarkets would put on special offer and I just couldn’t help myself. I aimed to reduce my total spendings every month and keep it at an acceptable amount. This helped me budget and save money, the extra money would go towards an upgrade on the pram I wanted to a better one or the little but important things babies need. 

When Harry was born I was going shopping with my Gran and she needed to take some donations to the charity shop, the thought of going in one when I knew people in that town was like social suicide ! I checked my surroundings for people I knew then ran in quicker than Usian Bolt. I walked past the baby section and noticed they had a offer on baby clothing which was ” fill a carrier bag full of clothes for a £1″  I dived into the many boxes full of clothes and started filling my bags up. I couldn’t believe how much I was getting and the quality that it was, some was brand new and others were hardly worn. I found such beautiful baby gros and cute little outfits I couldn’t believe my luck! By this time I had filled up 4 carrier bags and was on my 5th ! I then looked around the whole shop, children’s toys were 50p each they were good quality branded toys as well I brought the Lamaze robot for 10p ! Children’s books were 10p I found so many great ones like the Gruffalo, Room on a Broom and loads more. I was happy as a pig in….. I took my findings up to the till and it totalled £6 ( the price of one brand new baby outfit)  £6 for 5 bags of clothes a few books and toys ! From then on every time I went to town I would be in them straight away ! 

So definitely don’t be afraid to save yourself money by thrift shopping, this blog will be about how to find the best bargains, how to make the most of your money and how to budget. I will be posting pictures of my findings and tips and tricks to get the best deal. 

I hope you enjoy My Second Hand Life.