My Branded charity shop bargains! 

Now I have to say before Harry I was one for branded clothing I love the likes of Jack Wills, Hollister, Joules, Crew and all the others. But since Harry I can’t justify spending £30 on one polo shirt. But of course that doesn’t stop me wanting them. 

So when browsing threw one of my favourite charity shops the other day I came across these amazing bargains ! Two Joules polo shirts which were in my size !!  And a Crew clothing jumper also in my size. And they were all £3 each ! Joules polo shirts retail from £30+ and Crew clothing jumpers retail at £60+ totalling £120 ! A massive saving! The polo shirt were in very good condition and the jumper was amazing condition. I got them home and put them in the wash now they are as good as new! One thing I would say about charity clothing is wash in antibacterial washing powder and on a hot wash. 

Over the time I’ve been shopping in charity shops I’ve picked up some amazing branded clothing items. Spending no more on a £5 for each one. It’s definitely worth hunting threw the racks of clothing, some charity shops will have a rail where all the branded items are. Check the kids section as well as you can grab some great bargains in there too! I’ve managed to get Gap, Junior J, Baby Joules all for a fraction of the price of new and children grow out of there clothes so quickly and cover them in all sorts of stains there’s no point buying new. 

So rummage threw them racks and see what hidden Branded bargains you can find. Please share with me any that you do.

Thank you. 


Author: TerriMemory

23 year old country loving mother of one

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