I don’t always buy secondhand…. but it’s still a bargain! 

Even though I love a charity shop bargain I also love buying new clothes that are a bargain! I find some clothes shops like primark, H&M and even some supermarkets will sell brand new clothes cheaper than some charity shops sell second hand ones. So my bargains this week were some bigger clothes for Harry. We went to primark and when I go shopping I always look at the reduced section first and see if what I need is in there. Primark will always sell there outdated stock a lot cheaper than the original price which makes for a good bargain!  Also if you see something brand new you like in there wait a few weeks because I guarantee it will go down in price. There is always quite a few stands of bargain clothes and not always in the same place so have a really good look around or ask a staff member. 

I brought Harry a long sleeved Star Wars t- shirt for £1 originally £5.50 , a batman hoodie for £3 originally £10.00 and some Spider-Man slipper for £1 originally £5. So a total of £20.50 worth of clothes for £5. Bargain! 

So it’s definitely worth looking in clothes shops in reduced sections to find things you do need, but you also need the willpower not to buy more than you need ( which is easier said than done) I succeeded in not buying more than needed in this shopping trip and that doesn’t always happen. I always think in my head ” it’s not a bargain if you don’t need it” there’s no point just buying it because it’s cheap. If you don’t need it don’t buy it. 

I hope you found this post useful, I will be posting about how to budget in my next blog so be sure to come back and see that. 

Thank you ! 

My primark bargains 🙂 


Author: TerriMemory

23 year old country loving mother of one

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